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A good way to supplement the income is through extra work. Whether you already have a job, is looking for work or study and want to keep the study debt at the lowest level possible, extra job can be an excellent alternative. Seeking a part time job is a quite different than a permanent job. First of all, consider how many hours you are willing to invest, and of course where your strengths, weaknesses, and your skills are. Through our professional labor coaches, we help you towards your dream job.


As a consultant with us at Global Access, you are very important to our business. You are the link between us and the company. You are an ambassador for us as well as to yourself for future career opportunities. Working as a consultant has many advantages. You get valuable work experience in a short time. You will soon enter the labor market and can get you a wide network of contacts among our customers in different industries and areas we care about you and your interests.


If you choose to seek a permanent position, and if your resume matches the desired profile of requirements, we may contact you for a short interview by telephone. The aim is to get a first impression of you as a job seeker, if we are reading your application correct and if you seem to be suitable for the job and if it all feels right, we will invite you for a second interview.