Our focus is to offer fast, cost effective and competent assistance in terms of skills in the professional areas your organization wish to employ. The recruitment process of companies is often time consuming and extensive. It may take a
long time to find a new employee who has the right skills and that fit into the corporate culture. By allowing your recruitment to go through Global Access, the process is usually much simpler, shorter and more efficient.

We are well structured in our working practices across the recruitment process, from analysis, search, interviews, and quality assurance to the important follow-up.

Permanent Recruitment

If you need a permanent employee you can save both time and money by working with Global Access.

We have close contact with the labour market in general and a substantial part of the available local workforce. We have an extensive candidate database where we are able to search for a suitable candidate and/or we can advertise in relevant media as per agreement with the client.

Temporary Recruitment

Temporary staff gives your business the necessary flexibility to overcome absenteeism in the workforce due to sickness, maternity leave or holiday. Temporary assistance can be
provided for longer periods.