Business Model

More and more companies choose to hire professional help in their recruitment efforts. If you choose to work with us when you need to recruit staff, it means that we take responsibility for all or any part of the recruitment process for both hiring or recruitment to a permanent position.

Needs analysis and job specification

An analys is made to produce what
is required of the person who will be
recruited / hired. This includes the
description of the organization, job
descriptions and the demands and
requirements in terms of skills,
experience, education and personal
qualities required of the person who
shall assume the position. Then we will come back with proposals for a profile, timing, and any ad design.

1. Needs analysis and requirements specification

2. Matching

3. Interview and any tests

4. Presentation

5. Customer acceptance

6. Follow-up


When you use us, you can expect,

. Get a hold of the right candidate quickly and cost effectively
· Quick response to inquiry
· Commitment and flexibility
· Personal service with close follow ups
· A correspondent of the independent position.